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Why is the sheath important for the piston rod?

The sheath is important for the piston rod because it plays a crucial role in many aspects, protecting and enhancing the performance, durability, and stability of the piston rod. The following is the importance of the protective sleeve to the piston rod:
1. Corrosion and chemical resistance: The sheath can provide an additional protective layer to prevent the piston rod from being affected by corrosion, chemical attack, and harmful substances in the external environment. This is important for machinery working in corrosive media or chemical treatment environments.
2. Reduce friction and wear: It can reduce friction between machinery and surrounding components, thereby reducing damage caused by wear and tear. This is beneficial for extending its service life and improving the efficiency of the mechanical system.
3. Protective Seals: It can protect mechanical seals from unnecessary friction or damage. This is beneficial for maintaining the sealing of the system and avoiding liquid or gas leakage.
4. Avoiding leakage caused by corrosion and wear: It can avoid uneven surface of the piston rod caused by corrosion or wear, thereby reducing the risk of seal damage and leakage.
5. Increased durability: The sheath can increase the mechanical durability and strength, allowing it to withstand greater forces and pressures, thereby extending its service life.
6. Stability of lifting operation: An appropriate sheath can increase the surface quality of the machine, making it smoother and more uniform, thereby enhancing the operational stability of the mechanical system.
7. Reduce maintenance costs: The presence of protective sleeves can reduce the maintenance needs of piston rods, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.